It’s good to have a plan… or not

diary and calendar with passport and map

I quit my job. It’s a good job. I get to spend time with some talented people, in a company that does cool things, and they pay me decent money for it. I quit anyway. Turns out there are more important things in life, like experiences and meeting new people and seeing the world. I’ve travelled a bit before. I’ve been to all 7 continents and 60+ countries over the last 15 years, but recently I’ve had a couple of weeks here or a few days there and I feel like I need to take a longer trip again. So here I am, a 44 year old bloke about to go backpacking once more. But where?

First trip starts on July 29th and the first stop is actually a holiday I booked ages ago. Ideally I would have done something different to start things but my “plans” have changed since the beginning of the year when I organised this. So, I’m going on a two week blast through Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Then I’m flying back to the UK for a week before I head to Jordan (via 3 days in Vienna, Austria) to run the Petra Desert Marathon, again something I booked ages ago before I’d committed to anything longer.

Then I’m back in the UK for week to hang out with my family before I head off on the long one. I’ve booked a one way flight to Bangkok, Thailand and then my plan is to travel through Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Beyond that I have some vague ideas but I’m deliberately not booking anything else, and certainly not committing to a return date.

So, that’s the “plan”. I’ll write some stuff as I go, I might run a bit somewhere (keep an eye on for race reports) and we will see where life takes me. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I intend to.


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