Flaming Pipes

I think it's safe to say that on my travels I've seen a few things that would not only raise an eyebrow from a Health and Safety Inspector, but probably raise both eyebrows, both arms and a massive red flag with the words "This is a Health and Safety Issue" on it. In Sri Lanka I've seen men with no safety harnesses 50ft up scaffolding that looks slightly less well constructed than a house of cards built by a ten year old with ADHD, and I've seen whole families including father, mother and 4 kids all on the same scooter, all helmetless weaving through traffic on the packed streets of Shiraz. However, this trip has provided me yet another unique experience.

Yes, that's a street being dug up, and yes they appear to be replacing some pipes. And yes, they have deliberately set that one on fire because some fumes were coming out of it. Given the history around here of just setting fire to stuff because some fumes came out, I expect that pipe will still be on fire in 40 years time and groups of tourists will be camping around it*

*see my future post "Soviet Environmental Disasters of Central Asia Part 2: Darvaza Gas Crater" for more on that subject

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