“Your feet might get a little wet…”

As part of the Petra Desert Marathon (see my other blog at www.woodyruns.com for a review of that) I signed up for the “adventure extension”. This was to include a day exploring and a night camping in the desert of Wadi Rum, a day hiking and a night camping in the Dana Valley, and a “4-5 hour hike in the Wadi Mujib Gorge where your feet might get a little wet”. That last activity turned out to be canyoning up and down a river. So, when they said “your feet might get a little wet” they meant that in the same way that a bag of walnuts might have “may contain nuts” written on it. They’re walnuts. Not only do they definitely contain nuts, but nuts are the only thing they actually do contain. 

So, not only did my feet definitely get wet, they got wet at the start of the canyon when we climbed down a ladder into the river, they stayed wet for the entire 3 hour experience, and the rest of me got soaked through too as we climbed up waterfalls by rope*, cris-crossed the river and waded through waist high water up to a large waterfall where the more adventurous ones, me included, climbed around the back of the falls and slid down a naturally occurring water chute into the plunge pool. It was great fun and highly recommended!

Wet feet
Wet feet
Wet everything
Wet everything

*this actually reminded me of the time I went with my dad to Iceland to see the northern lights. We didn’t see them but we did end up walking up a ravine and then climbing up a waterfall on a rope. I went up first and as my dad (who was 65 at the time) climbed up I took a photo of him hanging on to the rope, explaining that I wanted to be able to show my mum if she asked me how he died (which he didn’t of course. He wouldn’t let a little thing like climbing up a waterfall stop him).

My dad in Iceland 2011
My dad in Iceland 2011

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