Slow Boat to Luang Prabang

Modern travel is all about speed. We drive rather than walk, we fly rather than sail, and we rush from one destination to another  so we can see more and do more in the short time we get away from our offices. The actual travelling part is generally something to be done as quickly as possible and forgotten about. In contrast to that, and tying into the idea that “the journey is the reward”, it’s been an absolute pleasure the last 2 days to take a slow boat down the Mekong from the Thai-Laos border to Luang Prabang. 

Our Slow Boat
Our slow boat

During that time I’ve watched a couple of tv shows on my iPad, read a bit and listened to music, but mainly I’ve just been watching the wonderfully green and lush forests pass me by. Just after rainy season there’s certainly a lot of vegetation to see punctuated by the occasional small village or another boat. To be honest there isn’t much else you can do but it’s been great to do nothing for a change. Sometimes doing nothing is exactly what you should be doing.

Slow boat

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