It’s raining old ladies… Hallelujah!

Just coming out of the rainy season you still get the occasional downpour or entire wet day here in Hanoi. The day I visited the Ho Chi Minh Mauseleum (which was unfortunately closed for the month) and the one pillar pagoda it rained the entire time. 

A rainy Ho Chi Minh Mauseleum
This is Asian rain by the way. It’s heavy and soaking, not the light drizzle you get in the UK. However, Hanoi appears to have come up with the perfect solution to this – dehydrated old ladies. At some point it seems some genius dehydrated thousands of old ladies and sprinkled the old lady powder all over Hanoi. When it starts to rain the first drops hit the powder and, suddenly rehydrated, the old ladies appear all over the street holding umbrellas and ponchos which they then try to sell to passing tourists. When the rain stops the old ladies are immediately dehydrated again and disappear, as if they were never there. Amazing!

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