My Problem With The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal. There is almost nothing I can write about it that hasn’t been written before. Well, I could write that it’s a carbuncle, an eyesore, the worst of the worst, and it’s so ugly my eyes actually hurt looking at it. I mean seriously, just look at it.

Taj Mahal

Now clearly none of the above is true, which is what I mean. Everyone says it’s beautiful, spectacular even, and it really is. As an architectural symbol of one man’s love for his wife it is unsurpassed. However, there is one slight problem, and it’s this.

The Diana Bench

That’s the picture of Diana. Notice how the bench she’s on has no pool immediately behind it. It is in fact one of two benches either end of a pool. If you were to sit on the bench at the other end you might get a photo like this.

Not the Diana bench

And since every single guide and so-called professional photographer at the Taj Mahal tells you that the “Diana bench” is the one on the wrong side of the pool, absolutely everyone goes there. There’s a queue to sit on it and have your photo taken. And thousands of people do. Search on google for “Diana bench Taj Mahal” and look at the images. Thousands of them.

Not the Diana bench

So yes, my problem with the Taj Mahal is that there is a queue to sit on a bench that people think a famous person sat on (which is ridiculous in itself) and it’s not even the right one. Amazing!

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